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I Need Routine

I Need Routine

Routines help me to control my anxiety and depression. When I get out of my routine my mental health starts to suffer. I can feel it like a wave washing over me.

My routine has been all over the place this last week, I can cope with being out of my routine for a few days when I’m on holiday, but when I’m at home, I need the routine.

I need to get up, have breakfast, get dressed, clean the house, go to work or write a blog post, maybe some other chores, run errands, get home, eat dinner etc etc etc

This week that hasn’t happened. I haven’t eaten properly, I haven’t exercised, my sleeping pattern is all to hell and I feel crap.

I need to get back into my routine. The only way I can do this is to make myself, I don’t want to do it, something happens to my brain when I get out of it and although I know I will feel better, I still don’t want to.

This is where my bullet journal comes in handy, I track lots of things in it and parts of my routine as well, although I have been tracking what I’ve been doing it’s out of my normal routine and my brain just can’t take it.

I spend a lot of time planning and organising life, it drives my hubby nuts! he have never understood why I can’t just go with the flow, well this is why, I feel shit, then get more shit until eventually I’m lying on the sofa eating ice cream.

I need to get back to my routine. For the sake of my mental and physical health i need to get back into it.

The routine re-entrance starts today! Breakfast done, dressed done, walk the dogs done! Hurrah, now to go and make myself a healthy lunch which doesn’t consist of half a packet of malted milks and a cup of tea.


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  1. I really relate to this. And it’s taken me until I was into my thirties to even begin getting a handle on it. I’m finding that the more (politely) assertive I am about the fact that my routine is paramount the more under control my mental health is. But then on the flip side I have to make sure this doesn’t stray into obsessive compulsive territory. Thanks for sharing, Jill ( x

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