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Broadband? Not so broadband

Broadband? Not so broadband

Our broadband has been terrible since January and the company we’re with doesn’t seem able to get it sorted.

Our current upload speed is 0.8mps, yes 0.8!!!!!

I grew up when broadband was invented, hell I grew up when dial-up was invented but this is so frustrating. One day our connection is fine and the next, poof! gone. It can disappear within an hour some days.

In our current day anyone living in a rural area still gets a raw deal where many modern day conveniences are concerned. Some places can’t get things delivered, or the delivery is astronomical, some places pay way more for fuel just because of where they are.

I find our broadband issues so frustrating because we literally live 3 miles from town and yet our broadband is still terrible. I have friends who live the same distance from town, but because they are on housing estates or built up areas they can get fiber. My sister has fiber and she lives 19 miles from town but because she’s in a small village they have the services.

I realise this is a very insignificant problem but I find it so annoying!

Ok rant over, happy Friday all!




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