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When I was growing up, I was lucky enough to have all four of my grandparents. I was luckier still to have one remaining until two years ago.

My husband is even luckier than that, in his mid 40’s he still has grandparents.

This post is being written today as my hubby’s grandad is in hospital and we are just waiting for the phone call to tell us he has passed, it’s not a case of if, it’s when.

I don’t do well with grief. When my grandpa passed two years ago it sent me into an incredibly deep depression, it wasn’t the sole cause but it just worsened something I was already going through.

Grief is never nice for anyone, and I dare you to find someone who is coping with it well. Even if they appear to be OK, their probably not.

Grief can affect different people in different ways. Me I start eating junk food and becoming lethargic, I can feel my sofa calling me now. I also have a tendency to try and ignore it and not actually allow myself to feel anything.

This is probably the worst thing someone with depression can do, however, I don’t really do sad, I don’t allow myself to have those feelings, I’ve locked them so far away that, when I should be sad, I’m not, I just get angry. Not the best way to deal with a bereavement of any kind.

The current situation has me thinking of all of my family, both blood relatives and those I’ve come to love through marriage. I just want to say to anyone going through something like this, you will get through it, you will feel better, maybe not now, maybe not in a month or a year, but eventually you will be OK.

Cherish the people you have in your life, as although my grandad in law is nearly 93 and has had a good life, it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.


2 thoughts on “Grief

  1. There is no set time limit for grief.
    Its 14 years, one month, and 5 days for my Dad.
    I feel his loss still, he would have been thrilled to be a blogger and he would have enjoyed my journey as well.
    Kind regards
    Kavita in Sunshiny South Africa

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