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For the Love of Charity

For the Love of Charity

Charity shops are some of my favourite places to rummage. Yes you could go to TK Maxx or summer sales and find bargains, but charity shops have bargains all year round.

I’ve been shopping in charity shops since I was a kid. Growing up my mum and dad didn’t have loads of money so we couldn’t always afford new clothes. Mum used to make a lot of clothes for us, and she still does, but we always used to charity shop.

Mum would take Nana shopping every Tuesday when I was young and that meant charity shopping. My word my Nana had the knack, she could find a dozen clothing items in every shop she went into and the bonus? You were giving to a good cause in the process.

Mum and I still go charity shopping now, it’s amazing what you can find if you look. Now, if you don’t like raking through racks of clothing then it’s not going to be for you, but if you don’t mind spending a bit of time you can get some great things.

Not only do I look for clothes in my size, I also always look at the bigger sizes. Mum taught me to sew clothes when I was about 10, I’m not great but I can do it and I can customise things that I find in shops easily.

But you don’t need to sew to be able to customise clothes. You can braid t-shirt material, you can buy iron on hemming tape, you literally iron it on and then fold the hem over it and iron again, ta da, new hem line.

If you can learn to sew, which with a basic sewing machine, isn’t difficult, you can customise pretty much anything.

By doing this, not only do you save a little money, but you are also giving to good causes and re-using things which otherwise may have ended up in landfill. Charity shopping isn’t for everyone but you can do your bit by donating.

You don’t need to go into the physical shop anymore to do that, most supermarkets have donations bins now, I use my local ones all the time. These bins are collected and the clothing distributed nationwide, so if you’re a little worried someone may show up to work one day wearing your old trousers, you don’t need to.

Not only can you find clothes in charity shops but you can find books, ceramics, CD’s, DVD’s, all sorts, if you like a bargain and you don’t mind throwing a load of washing on when you get home take a look, you might be surprised by what you find.



2 thoughts on “For the Love of Charity

  1. I bought a stainless steel tea pot set for a pittance.
    Its my pride and joy and my mystery history set.
    I love your charity boxes.
    The ones in South Africa are not as good as yours.

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