Weekend Away

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Hubby and I had a lovely weekend away. We went to the North East to see my BFF and then stayed in Alnwick in a lovely B&B which was like a mini castle.

We went to the beach, ate ice cream and visited Alnwick Gardens, we didn’t go round the castle but you can get great views of it from around the village.

I’m a gardener and I love plants, Alnwick gardens is always somewhere I have wanted to go, it was nice, very pretty but almost too architectural for me. Lots of beautiful water features but not enough plants.

Don’t get me wrong, the planting was beautiful and all the architectural elements were gorgeous, but, I wanted more plants.

It has inspired me to add a water feature into my own garden though and my mum has a spare pond liner which I’m going to get today, she’s been asking me for ages if I want it and I’ve always said no.

I’m off to mum’s shortly to finish wallpapering her sun-room, I’m on holiday from the day job this week, and I’ll bring it home this afternoon. I then have a load of weeding to get on with and decide where to add in my water feature!

Happy Tuesday all.


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