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Fuel for Thought

Fuel for Thought

This post was going to be called, ‘you are what you eat’, however, Anita over at Discovering Your Happiness, beat me to it. If you can, go and read Anita’s post on this subject because it’s just so true, and so important if you have any health condition.

I have a few health conditions, really I should just live in a bubble and have done. I have both mental and physical conditions.

My physical condition is called Hypermobility Syndrome, or HMS for short. HMS is a collagen deficiency for want of a simpler explanation. It means my ligaments, tendons, skin anything which is classed as soft tissue, is far more elastic than it should be.

This in itself doesn’t cause me any problems, what has caused my problems is the damage done to joints and nerves over the years.

People with HMS can have different mobility issues, not everyone has the same symptoms or affected areas and it can be difficult to diagnose, I didn’t get a diagnosis until I was in my late 20’s and by then I’d been told I had all sorts of things.

So for example, I can dislocate my spine just by turning over in bed, the ligaments and tendons in my right shoulder no longer work and the muscles are holding it together, if I wear high heels for too long my big toe will dislocate. There are lots of other joints affected and I have constant pain but I’m used to it so it’s manageable.

This sounds bizarre but, because I have lived with pain my whole life I can bear it with the help of medication. If you transferred my daily pain to someone who had never experienced it, they wouldn’t be able to stand up. It’s a totally invisible condition, much the same as my mental illness is invisible.

I have depression, stress sensitivity and some PTSD symptoms. Unless I tell you, or you caught me on a bad day, you’d never know.

I’m very open about my conditions, they are not who I am, I just have to live with them. Yes it’s exhausting, either your brain or your body just won’t co-operate but that’s just my life, no big deal.

Where I’m going with this is fueling my body. If I eat cake and pizza (things I am known to eat in large quantities), I will feel more pain, feel more depressed, and generally feel urgh.

If I eat a relatively healthy diet, lean proteins, vegetables and fruit, grains etc etc I feel on top of the world and my health becomes more manageable.

But I’m human and I don’t want to live on chicken and vegetables everyday so it has to be about balance. Most of the time I’m ok at balancing what I eat but there are occasions where I will eat everything in sight for a week, it’s these weeks which make me feel urgh.

Eating a piece of cake or a doughnut once a week (or more in my case) isn’t going to have an impact, seven pieces of cake, three cookies, a hot chocolate and half a pizza however is.

When you have any illness you need to provide your body with fuel. Think of yourself as a car, good fuel in – lots of miles out, you stick diesel in a petrol however and your screwed!








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