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My Anxious Brain

My Anxious Brain

Apologies for today’s post being a little later than usual, I’m literally sitting writing this. I’ve had a bit of a mental health blip.

I didn’t feel great yesterday, just tired so took it easy and when I went to bed last night, felt OK.

This morning has been a different story. Firstly I realised I had double booked myself with friends, fine you think, just tell them and re-arrange if necessary. So I did that, but still feeling anxious.

Something which sets my anxiety off is feeling as though I have let people down, even if I haven’t. I contacted my friends, re-arranged one and the other plans for today are continuing.

Then hubby and I had to go to Aldi, no big deal but I have the supermarket and given the anxiety level, wasn’t much in the mood for people.

On the way to Aldi I got some news, good news, BUT, and this is where my brain takes over, I went into blind panic.

What had I done, why was this happening, blah blah blah.

I had a massive panic over text message to my BFF and messaged the person involved and after an hour and a half, my brain calmed down and I’m fine.

When certain things happen I think I am the worst person on this earth. I go over what I’ve done, now and in the past and generally start to feel utterly awful about myself.

I am now much better at getting to the calm place but it still takes my BFF, Hubby and usually, a third party confirmation for my brain to shut up.

Once I had calmed down I went to mow the lawn, the lawn mower broke!

So, I’ve given up on that today, hubby will need to fix it when he gets home, I’m eating some lunch and sitting listening to an audiobook, clearly I am just not supposed to do anything important today.


4 thoughts on “My Anxious Brain

  1. But you did do something important, you shared your experience of anxiety and in doing so gave a little bit of comfort to someone else who can relate to this and maybe helped them realise that it’s more common than they thought to react with anxiety when things happen out of their control. I have suffered with depression, I get anxiety, these conditions need to be talked about and normalised so people realise they aren’t alone. Much love gorgeous lady xxx

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