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It’s a Countrylife

It’s a Countrylife

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I live in rural Scotland, although not that rural. If you’ve ever seen my Instagram feed (there’s a preview on the blog home page), it might give you the impression that i live a million miles from anywhere.

Well I don’t. I do live in a rural location and love it, but within 10 minutes I can be in town. Now, the town I live near is also a rural small town, so it doesn’t have much, but it has enough.

I love the combination of countryside and town. Nothing is too big, there aren’t thousands of people or buildings, it’s just right. i like visiting the city or busier towns but I wouldn’t want to live in one anymore, too rushed for my liking.

I grew up in Cheshire, not the posh bit of it FYI, so everywhere was people and buildings. Just as we were moving away they started to build a bypass which, when they were building it, ran through fields, now it runs through houses! There is no definition between town and country anymore, it’s just all town.

Up here, it’s all country. Even when your in the town it doesn’t feel like it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, if you like shopping, eating out and clubbing, it’s defiantly not for you. But, if you are like me and like piece and quiet and a distinct lack of people, it’s marvelous.

I also now do really stereotypical country things like making my own jam, grow and dry my own herbs, own 3 pairs of wellies, you know that sort of thing. My house is also never clean, there is always some sort of mud somewhere, even when I’ve just cleaned the house, it’s still there, lurking in a corner unnoticed.

I went from being a total towny to a country bumpkin almost over night. My family have always spent a lot of time in the countryside, going to walks, bike rides or horse riding, moving just meant we could do more of it.

Ok, Ok, so I have to order various things online and get them delivered, but who doesn’t do that anyway? If you get bad weather you’re kinda stuck (March 2018 snow for example), but I wouldn’t change it for the world, when you have pictures like the one for this post to wake up to every morning why would you?



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