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Ice Cream, you scream, we all scream

Ice Cream, you scream, we all scream

Isn’t Ice cream just the best?

Ice cream to me is a real treat. I can literally eat an entire tub in one sitting. My favourite brand is Ben and Jerry’s, it’s just so yummy.

Last night I ate a tub of caramel chew chew, I just fancied that flavour. The ultimate flavour however is Phish Food. Oh My Goodness, that stuff is the dogs bollocks.

Chocolate ice cream, marshmallow, caramel, chocolate fish, what more could you ask for? Nothing, that’s what.

I don’t buy ice cream often, probably about 5 times a year. Mainly because if it’s in the house, i’ll eat it, like all of it. It’s safer if it’s not in stock, particularly for my waist line.

Although I have a favourite flavour, I will eat any ice cream. My mum makes homemade ice cream which is out of this world. It’s so creamy and delicious, it almost beats the phish food, almost, sorry mum.

When I was little mum used to buy the chocolate topping which went solid when it hit cold ice cream, we were always amazed by it, cracking through to get to the ice cream, not much beats that when your a kid, except, mums homemade toffee sauce.

Yep that’s right, homemade toffee sauce, warm over vanilla ice cream…

…oh my goodness I’m making myself drool.

Whats your favourtie ice cream flavour?


4 thoughts on “Ice Cream, you scream, we all scream

  1. Mmm ice cream really is delicious isn’t it? We used to have that Iced Magic on ours too, I think it might have come in different flavours? Not sure though. The Ben and Jerry one that has banana in is really nice, not sure if its a limited edition, it was something to do with Bob Marley I think…

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