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A picture is worth a thousand words…

A picture is worth a thousand words…

…it really is.

A photograph can bring back memories. I take a lot of photo’s both with my phone and my DSLR and.. wait for it…


I get a lot of my photo’s printed and I frame them and put them around my house. Most are in my office, literally every wall is covered in photo’s.

I use two sites to have them printed. One is Photobox, I use it mostly for my DSLR pictures or anything I want to have printed in a larger size than 6×4. It isn’t too costly and allows me to have images I love printed quite large and in good quality.

The most recent photo printing site I have found is FreePrints, this is an app for your phone. You get 45 free 6×4 prints per month and just pay the postage. You can pay extra to have different sizes printed if you want, I have done that a few times, particularly for Instagram images that I want in Instagram style, but you don’t have to.

Once my prints arrive I usually frame them in some way, or hang then with tiny wooden pegs on strings. The great thing about photos is that you can change them.

I don’t often change the photo’s I have on the walls, but I could if I wanted to. I’m always adding more to my walls, the aim is to have no wall space left, it’s getting there far more quickly than I thought though.

My love of photos comes from my Grandpa. He took thousands of photographs in his life time, that’s not an exaggeration, I mean thousands.

He passed away in 2016 and I became the family photo archivist. He had 13 boxes of photos in albums, 13! and that was just the albums. There were 2 suitcases of prints, I’m talking old fashioned 1980’s suitcases, the kind which if you tried to travel with them you’d need a forklift to move.

With the advent of digital photography you now don’t need to print every image, you can choose the ones you want and just print those, but many people no longer have their photo’s printed at all. I love looking at photos and I love other peoples faces when they look at them, even looking at the same photo time and time again.

It can take you back to that moment, into happy memories in a way nothing else can.

My latest batch of prints arrived yesterday so I will be spending my weekend framing and hanging them, my idea of bliss!



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