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Coffee or Tea?

Coffee or Tea?

Which one are you?

I’m more of a tea person than a coffee person but I drink both. I love a good old cup of builders tea, strong with milk, yum.

I find tea very refreshing, even on a very hot day tea is the best. I can drink 10+ cups of tea a day when i’m at home.

At work I tend to drink coffee, although it’s mainly decaff, dun dun dun! I know, decaff urgh. Caffeine make my anxiety worse so I try to keep it to a minimum, most of the tea I drink is decaff.

I gave up caffeine cold turkey in January 2017, it was hard. I felt so tired for about 2 weeks but, after that, fine. Now I will have a fully caffeinated coffee once in a while, 2 cups of caffeinated tea every morning, I can’t wake up without that.

My anxiety is much better without it, and my sleeping is better. I know when I’ve had too much as I will start to shake, physically shake, so I try to keep it to a minimum.

Can’t live without tea though, tea is life!


4 thoughts on “Coffee or Tea?

  1. I am a daily coffee drinker. 🙂 It can be bad for my anxiety but there are some days I skip if I’m in a rush during the mornings because I prefer to drink coffee and take my time with it. I like tea too, but mostly chamomile and chrysanthemum.

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