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Puttin on ma face!

Puttin on ma face!

I love makeup. I don’t often wear it but I love it. Putting on a face can make me feel fantastic, especially when I have a good makeup day.

Eye-shadow is my thing, I just can’t describe how happy it makes me. All the colour and textures, the creativity involved in putting together an eye look. I have a lot of eye-shadow and always window shop for more, like always, like right now i’m on Revolution Beauty and Urban Decay cause I can’t help myself!

I don’t think I would ever be able to use all of my eye-shadow even if I tried, there’s just so much of it. On the last count I think I was at 25 palettes, no one needs that much eye-shadow, I will buy more though because I love it.

Revolution Beauty is a great brand if you’re a little short of pennies, there makeup is pretty good and the range of  colours and tones they have is amazing.

My absolute go to however is Urban Decay. I use so much UD makeup and I love it. I have pretty sensitive skin and can react to almost anything but the UD Naked Skin foundation is not one of them, it’s just so light weight and beautiful when blended out.

Even though the days I wear a face are few and far between, I will never stop buying make-up because it makes me happy.

Everyone should find at least one thing which makes them happy and do it. What makes you happy?



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