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Arty, Farty Birthday Gifts

Arty, Farty Birthday Gifts

I’ve spent the last week getting very arty indeed.

My cousin turns 21 at the beginning of May and her present from me is a scrapbook. There are 21 spreads, all covered in photo’s, art prints, art by me and other crafty handmade things.

It’s taken me about 30 hours to complete but I’m really pleased with it. There are lots of appropriately terrible baby pictures, family photo’s and lots of the two of us.

My cousin is more like a little sister to me than a cousin. We spend lots of time together across the year, living 170 miles apart not as much time as I would like.

She has been coming to stay with me for a weekend or a week each year since she was 9. Almost every time she visits we like to go to Mabie Farm Park, we love it. We feed the animals, get all gooey over the babies at Easter time and then run around like a couple of 5 year old’s, playing in straw-bales, jumping on trampolines and generally reconnecting with our inner child, I really hope that never stops.

For her birthday present this year I thought I would combine my love of art and crafts with my love of her. Each spread is different, some are just pictures, others just art and all of them have been crafted by me for her.

I have found it a little stressful, but only because I had less time than I thought to complete, the actual act of creating it has been very enjoyable and relaxing. Plus it has given me the excuse to buy lots of new craft supplies, oops.

It’s not often I get soppy about anything, but with this I did, I mean 21, when the heck did that happen?




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