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Sun makes all the difference

Sun makes all the difference

The weather here this weekend has been nothing but glorious! Wall to wall sunshine and lovely and warm.

Hubby and I had a lovely walk on Saturday and then, for the first time in a long time, we both just sat in the garden. We didn’t do anything. Just sat enjoying the sunshine.

It’s unusual for me to just sit in the garden, I usually feel the need to do something, but not this time. It was so relaxing, not thinking I must to do this or need to do that, no rushing around to finish things off or do chores, nothing.

It’s rare that I do nothing, like literally nothing. Even on days when I say I’m going to do nothing it doesn’t happen, I will always do something. We sat in the garden for about an hour, that doesn’t sound like long but for someone who is either physically or mentally on the go all the time, an hour is very long.

Something I’ve learned to do over the last few months is just let go, a lot of the pressure and stress I feel is caused by me. Either overthinking or feeling that I should do something otherwise it’s a waste of time, I always feel guilty for just sitting, not this weekend.

Sunny weather makes everyone feel better but especially if you have any sort of mental illness, the difference it can make to your mood and general sense of well-being is immeasurable. It doesn’t need to be hot, or even warm, just sunny. Winters where it is cold, frosty and bright – great, sunny spring and summers – marvelous, crisp autumnal light – beautiful.

I do like rain and snow etc as well, I couldn’t garden if it didn’t rain regularly, I couldn’t live if it didn’t rain as we’d have nothing to drink, but everything in moderation, except the sun, sun all the time!



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