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This weekend I visited the North Lakes Tattoo Show with my friend. We want last year by accident and loved it.

I have always wanted tattoos, my sister has some but I was always too afraid. I finally popped my cherry in 2016 and since then, have had more and more.

I just love them. They are pieces of art which no one else will ever own, they will literally come to the grave with me.

No one will inherit them, no one will fight over who gets them, they are a part of me.

I have gained more confidence in my own body since getting them, I will actually get my legs out now, that never happened before.

I went a little nuts this year and got four new ones, two from an artist I follow on Instagram, Hayley Murray from Fat Panda Tattoo in Bishop Auckland.

Great lady and so good and what she does, we had a good time singing to 80’s and 90’s playlists and I can’t wait for next year to get another piece from her.

The other two came from Lauren Hanson at Cosmic Tattoo Incorporated in Bromsgrove. Another great lady and a great artist!

The North Lakes show is fantastic for me, it’s not too far away, it’s very relaxed and if you have anxiety about lots of people it’s ideal. I would highly recommend going if you can.

I have come to realise that I only regret the things I haven’t done and not the things I have. Being tattooed has freed me from feeling less than myself and worthless. I am worth everything, to myself.



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