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The Big Spring Clean

The Big Spring Clean

Spring has sprung! Hurrah!

I spent yesterday scrubbing the house from top to bottom. I love cleaning, I clean all the time, it relaxes me. At this time of year however, I like to give everything a thorough scrub.

I cleaned the carpets, windows (inside), changed beds, tidied, organised, it literally took me all day but i was quite satisfied when I’d finished.

This is the first house I have lived in where everything feels right, everything has a place and we have enough space, I even have an office, something I have never had before. Everything is decorated as I would like it and as I now work part time, I have enough time to do the things which calm me, cleaning being one of them.

One cleaning habit I am trying to change is clothes washing. I wash all my clothes after one wear, yep, that’s a lot of washing.

I seem to spend most of my life loading and unloading the washing machine. So I am trying to wear things more than once if possible, jeans for example, there is no need to wash jeans after each wear, unless their really  muddy, but I wash them every time.

Mess and dirt just makes me anxious, I can’t bear it and just have this need to clean it. The only thing that does not apply to, is my car. I couldn’t care less what state that’s in, it’s a car, it gets me from A to B and back, plus it gets really dirty, living in the countryside has that effect. Mud from the road, mud from the dogs, mud from me, most of the things I do create mud where the car is concerned .

I’m just very into cleaning, I stems from my Nana. Nana would come to our house on a Tuesday afternoon, mum and Nana would go to the charity shops and then pick us up from school. My Nana hated mess and dirt, my mum doesn’t really care, she has better things to do than clean (that’s no lie, she says that herself).

Once we were home from school my Nana wold clean, but I don’t just mean a quick hoover and polish. She’d get the Brasso out and the french furniture polish. I loved helping my Nana and it’s seems to have stuck.

Once when I was about 6 I was helping my Nana clean and decided to polish our staircase, we had a full wooden staircase. I polished that staircase until I could see my face in it, mum had to tell me what a great job I had done, how can you tell a 6 year old that her polishing may cause problems.

Oh the problems it caused, as you can imagine, wooden, highly polished stairs, 3 kids, dogs and a multitude of visitors, our stairs were an issue until the day we moved! It did however provide the ideal surface for mattress surfing, but that’s another story.

So spring is here, the cleaning is done, the garden is getting ready to go, hmmm i seem to have left myself with nothing to clean…



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  1. I need to steal some of your cleaning love. I like a clean house but find the actual act of cleaning soul-sucking. I am trying to change my mindset about it though haha

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