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So many craft supplies…

So many craft supplies…

…so little time.

Yesterday I went to the CreativeCraft show in Glasgow with my mum. Both my mum and I love crafts of many kinds and at this show you have stores and exhibitions from almost every craft you can think of.

It’s a dangerous place if you’re me or my mum, well dangerous for the bank balance anyway.

We arrived just after 11am and left just before 4pm, shattered was not the word. Both my mum and I have mobility issues and by the time we got the the end of the day it is safe to say our spines were done for.

We both had a wonderful day and came back with so many good things and so many ideas! Me and mum have ideas all the time, we have so many it would be impossible to make them all, but we try.

We both find making things very enjoyable and relaxing, we do it for fun and not because we have to.

We have an excitement for crafting, even if it isn’t something we do ourselves we can appreciate the beauty of something created by an artist.

At the end of the day anything which is created could be viewed as a piece of art,  a building, a car, a garden, a home, it doesn’t matter what it is, someone has put their own imgination into creating it.

So my weekend will now be full of creating all of the lovely things I can and I will enjoy and appreciate every single one of them.


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