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Why I Don’t Want Kids

Why I Don’t Want Kids

People who know me in real life, know that I don’t want kids, I’m not maternal. I don’t even really like them. I like my friends kids and can’t wait to be Auntie Pippa, but I’ve never wanted my own.

I don’t have the patience for them long term. I like doing the silly fun things, going to the farmpark, or jumping on trampolines, you know the stuff aunts are great at, like not being your parents.

I’ve just never been particularly child friendly, shock horror! to a lot of people it is shocking, by saying I don’t want children seems to be like admitting to arson but worse, judging by most peoples reactions.

I prefer my dogs, they are my children. They don’t talk back, they go to sleep when I do, eat when and what I give them with no fuss, plus i can go to work without organising childcare.

Sure, they don’t always listen to me, yeah occasionally they run off for 3 hours only to be found covered in horse shit a mile and a half away, but I love them. They don’t cry, or scream, are rarely snotty or ill, are very happy to sleep on old blankets and the best thing of all? They poop outside.

I’m always surprised by other peoples reactions when I tell them I don’t want kids, even in this day and age it still seems shocking to them that a female human doesn’t want kids. Well, here I am saying, No I Don’t.

Hats off to anyone who does, and anyone who works with children, I couldn’t do it.


4 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Want Kids

  1. I hate the societal norm that motherhood is the epiphany of womanhood when really it’s just one of the extensions of womanhood. I too do not have the patience to deal with a kid for more than an afternoon. I know it’s not the same thing, but I’ve had high maintenance pets where their livelihood and happiness depended entirely on me. In my opinion, that would at least be somewhat what motherhood is like except probably 10x harder. I dislike children less than I used to, and I do find them somewhat cute, but that doesn’t mean I ever want one of my own. I don’t know if I’ll ever change my mind one day. The main reason I feel children are not for me is I struggle with mental health. It flip flops, of course, and I have better days than others, but knowing how I am, I just don’t think I’m mentally fit to care for a child. Some days I feel as if I can do the bare minimum for myself.

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