Pull yourself together woman

I’ve had a really naff week this week. My anxiety has been all over the place, I’ve been tired and irritable and to top it off I had no internet for 2 days, just when I was back in the mood to blog!

When I have a bad week I don’t make myself do things which will either, make me more anxious, make me feel guilty or require any sort of brain power. 


The Mystery Blogger Award

Oooh well, will you look at that! Thank you to PSbarbosa for this nomination, if you haven’t read his bog, you should! It will immediately put a smile on your face.



Ok, I’m weird, I know. I love housework. 

Yep, you read that right, I love housework. I love cleaning and organising and one of my favourite things in the world is a sparkling home. 


So many craft supplies…

…so little time. 

Yesterday I went to the CreativeCraft show in Glasgow with my mum. Both my mum and I love crafts of many kinds and at this show you have stores and exhibitions from almost every craft you can think of. 


Fashion Slump

Do you ever find yourself in a fashion slump?

Well I’m in one. I don’t really do fashion, I do whatever I like and fancy wearing, but, right now I’m finding myself wearing the same things over and over and over again.