Books, Books and a few more Books

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I love books, any kind will do, paperback, hardback, e, audio, I’m not fussy. Fantasy is my favourite genre, it’s like escaping into the authors world and getting lost in it.

I didn’t read books until I was 19. Yes I read when I was younger but I just wasn’t interested the older I got.

I started reading because of my younger sister. She had been reading Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone and loved it. One night she cam into my room saying I needed to read this book. There’s me, 19, watching the telly and really not bothered.

So my then 15 year old sister sat on the end of my bed and read to me. She read the first 10 chapters and at that point said she needed to go to bed. I grabbed the book and carried on reading. Since then I haven’t stopped.

I am pretty particular about the books I read and listed to, I re-read a lot of my favourite books over and over, and own most of them as audio books which I listen to when I’m working.

I just love being read to, who wouldn’t? All you have to do is sit there and listed to the story, i’ts like going back in time 30 years and being read to by your mum or dad. I find the whole thing very calming.

My most loved author though has to be Garth Nix, his writing is just amazing, I really do get lost in his books and the worlds he creates in them. If you like fantasy and have never read Garth Nix, do it, you will not be disappointed.


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