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Feeling Fuzzy

I had a pretty full on day with Mental Health yesterday. I had a therapy session first thing then spent some time with my mum and her friends doing crafty things, then gave a talk on mental health and stress to a small group.

All that delving into my own emotions was pretty exhausting and today i feel, meh.

I don’t really want to do anything so I’ve eaten a load of chocolate buttons and started writing this, in the hope that it will pull be out of today’s funk.

I hate days when i get into this mood, it’s as though my brain is going “nope, just nope”. I hate that, I can always think of a million things I want to do when I feel this way and I can never be arsed doing them.

I’ve had a really good couple of weeks with my moods, they’ve been pretty even and up, it’s been nice.

A dip was due really and i suppose I should be grateful it’s a Saturday and I don’t have to go anywhere. If I really wanted I could just go lie on the sofa and watch stuff on Netflix or Youtube, but that would be giving in to it, I’m not sure I want to give into it today.


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One thought on “Feeling Fuzzy

  1. Hey.

    Interesting post. Can you think of anything that might’ve caused the dip? Also to the extent that you’re happy talking about it, I was wondering what kind of therapy you’re having. Just out of curiosity too, I’m not saying there’s a right kind or a wrong kind.

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