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Home makeover

Home makeover

When we moved into our house last summer, the only rooms I didn’t decorate were the spare room, or as it’s known in my family spare oom, and the office/gym/dog room.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been revamping both rooms. First was spare oom, wallpaper, paint and total furniture upcycle. It looks lovely now, it’s blue and white with hints of yellow.

I’ve now moved on to the office. Most of our house is pale calming colours, blues, greens and greys. As the office is where I create I wanted it to be inspirational and creative.

I went along to the local second hand furniture shop, a local charity called Shax, and bought 4 items i could customise.

I started the revamp on monday afternoon and so far have almost finished the desk. I have a dresser, a set of drawers and the walls to paint. It will take me a while because of the furniture, you may ask whybi didn’t just nip to Ikea and buy an office set? Well I didn’t want one, I want what’s in my head and no one sells that. This way I also get to donate to a local charity and reuse things which otherwise may have been thrown away.

I have grown up reusing and recycling, mending and making do. The major difference now is that I have the skills and ideas for it to look the way I want it to and not just as though I’ve slapped a load of paint around.


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