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Snowfall and Fires

Snowfall and Fires

We’ve had a little snow over the last week or so and it’s been lovely. I love snow, it gives you a good reason to stay in, start the fire and watch old movies.

When we moved into our house there was a very large pile of scrap wood by the oil tank. I’ve chopped all of this up over the last 6 months and consequently haven’t had to buy any wood at all. There’s a little more wood which needs to be cut up but I need my sister to come and do that with the chainsaw, she has a certificate from when she undertook her forestry course, plus I don’t much fancy a trip to A&E after chopping my leg off, after all how would I walk the dogs?

Speaking of walking the dogs I’ve had some lovely walks this week. I do love walking in the snow. Sam, Holly and I had a lovely run around the field next door mid week, Holly ran around and rolled in as much snow as possible. And today me and Holly met some of our friends at Mabie Forest and went for a lovely walk through the trees.

There is a hotel at the forest so after our walk we went in for a drink and sat near to the wood burner. It was lovely, very relaxing and just what was needed after a chilly wander. My friends and I put the world to rights, had a good old moan and generally caught up, we looked like grownups!

Holly made a new friend, Harley, a 6 month old Cockerpoo who lives with my friend, Laura. Harley is a sweetheart but had never met Holly. I think he was quite taken by her, she on the other hand really couldn’t have given two figs about this new pal, she was far more interested in sniffing around the forest and generally being a dog.

Both Holly and Harley have extendy leads and there were a good few moments of confusion around people, dogs, trees etc as neither of the dogs paid any attention to the fact that they were on them, at one point Holly and I played a lovely game of round and round the tree trunk trying to get untangled!

All in all it’s been a lovely week and a lovely Saturday, I hope yours has been as nice.


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