Exercise is good for you

Really? Does someone wanna tell my legs that.

I’ve finally got back on my crosstrainer, first time in 6 months! I’ve done 4k for 2 days in a row, 2! I must be mad. My thighs hate me, my bum hates me but you know what? I love it.

Once I’m back in the swing of it it’s addictive, I just have to make myself so it for the first couple of weeks.

I put on quite a bit of weight over Christmas and whilst I don’t mind being chubby, I’m usually happier when I am (mainly because I can eat biscuits), but I feel uncomfortable and carrying extra weight isn’t good for my joints.

I use a crosstrainer because of my knees, their both arthritic and can’t take a lot of walking or running on the road.

I started running with holly in January 2017 and had to stop after 3 months because of my joints. Even now I’d I put my trainers on she thinks we’re going for a run, sorry little dog that’s not happening.

I’ve also got back to eating proper food, you know vegetables protein etc, instead of chocolate for breakfast lunch and tea. I still eat cakes and biscuits and chocolate just in moderation, well when I have to will power to moderate myself!


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