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Garden organisation and planning

Garden organisation and planning

YES! It’s January and time to start planning the garden.

I created my own garden journal/to do list/seed index, so that I can keep track of everything all in one place. I’ve already made my seed list and task list for January and I’m about half way through.

As this is a new garden and was literally and field when we moved in it’s a pretty blank canvas. I’ve done some jobs already and spent my entire weekend repairing the fence and removing stones from the lawn. Sam dog has a lovely habit of chewing stones and thinks there toys!!

I have a patio to lay and then it’s on to planting etc. I’ve ordered my plug plants already and have a couple of grow houses to build, I used to have a polytunnel and I still have the frame but it’s a lot of work and I don’t know if I can physically or mentally cope with in anymore, boo hoo.

All of my gardens have evolved as they’ve grown, I move things and add things, get rid of things, it all depends on what happens in the garden throughout the year.

When we moved in here there was no fence, no borders, no trees or plants, just a lot of very overgrown patches. We’ve cleared what needed to be cleared, built the fence, rebuilt the wall, planted the fruit trees and hedging, created 2 borders, removed one tree and cleared out the burn, wow when I look at that list that’s pretty good going for 6 months.


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