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Horses and Holidays

Horses and Holidays

The festive season has been and gone for another year, thank the lord!

I do love the holidays it’s just that there so stressful, cooking and eating and who’s coming and when and who’s going and where, it’s just so much pressure for what is supposed to be a relaxing and jolly time of year.

I did have a good time but almost wish I could have enjoyed it more. I received some fabulous gifts from my family and friends, probably too many but hey ho I’m worth it.

My mum and step dad went totally ott with Jedi training drones, books, stationery and to top it all money for new camera lenses and a fancy camera bag.

My sister gave me a pirate ship for my fish tank, to be fair I sent her the link for the one I wanted but she also baught me some My Little Pony pjs, good ol fashioned 80’s ponies not this modern day nonsense.

I got lots and lots of very lovely things from everyone.

My aunt baught me new makeup brushes, a cook book and paid for my ticket to the Liverpool International horse show!

It was the best evening watching the show jumping and puisance with my cousin and we got to see some of my show jumping childhood heroes! I only took 840 photos, nothing really. Fortunately our tickets were for the Saturday night, Sunday’s show was cancelled due to a fire in the car park!

I haven’t been able to ride for about 10 years now due to my joints and I really miss it. Next show goal will be Olympia!

Here’s hoping 2018 is a good year for everyone including me.


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