How not to train your german shepherd and other life lessons

It’s a dogs life

It’s a dogs life

So we have 2 dogs, Holly a 2 and a half year old Samoyed cross and Sam, a 9 and a half year old German Shepherd who thinks he’s 2.

One of my many hobbies is dog training, I’m not very good at it but I love it. If you’ve ever met my dogs you will understand why I’m not very good.

I swear they only listen when the feel like it or there’s food on offer. Most of the time their both pretty good but both have bad habits, and they never seem to pick up each other’s good habits.

Sam likes to play with stones and has just had to have a broken tooth removed. He will happily play with a stone, rock or boulder for hours. He scrapes the stone through his own legs and then chases it. He’s not bothered about me or my husband throwing the stone, why bother asking your human when you can do it yourself.

In our old garden the dogs had a play area which they were taught that digging and scraping and generally making a mess was fine in the trench, anywhere else in the garden was not ok to do those things in. They understood this and it worked as I didn’t care if the dug a 3 foot deep by 8 foot long hole (seriously it was huge).

We haven’t decided yet where the new dog play area will be in the new garden and Sam has just decided that it’s everywhere.

So I need to make a decision asap or sacrifice the entire lawn to Sam!


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