December Crafting

The Yule season is upon us. We have 11 days until the winter solstice and from then on the days will get longer.

I’ve spent my Sunday making decorations for my garland, I bought various bits and pieces, whipped out the hot glue gun and went to town. I love making things and at this time of year it’s Christmas decorations. I have a crafty weekend planned next weekend with two of my friends and my mum, the font of all knowledge when it comes to crafting anything. My mum can literally make anything in the craft department.

The reason I spent my day making things is because I discovered that the mice had eaten my garland! Living in the country mice are a given, in the walls, loft etc, your never going to get rid of them. The little white dog does a good job of keeping them at bay but there will always be more.

So the house is decorated, the presents are wrapped and now we can sit and decide on food for the festivities, Yum!20171210_151435


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