How not to train your german shepherd and other life lessons

Changing Skies

Changing Skies

We have fantastic views where I live. The view is never the same twice.

Every morning I sit on my back steps and smoke a fag whilst waiting for the dogs to do their business and I am never disappointed by what I see. This morning yesterdays Full Moon was still up and the clouds were rolling over and it was just stunning.

I had a busy weekend finishing my Christmas shopping, present making and wrapping so I felt very relaxed last night and consequently slept in this morning. Well by sleeping in I mean 6.55am instead of 5.55am, which is usually when the dogs decide they want out and come and jump on me. I wasn’t late for work, I just didn’t have much time to sit on my backside and watch telly!

I’ve been very tired and run down of late, I’ve had a cold for about 6 weeks and seem to have some sort of spot at the end of my nose which won’t go away no matter what I do. This is the nature of chronic illness, I get run down and my Hypermobility Flares and then the depression and stress get a bit worse and before I know it I can’t function. I get brain fog and forget pretty much anything and everything.

If you’ve never heard of brain fog it’s like trying to get your thoughts through a pea soup of a fog at night, with your eyes closed, wearing ear plugs. Hence no post for a few weeks, I haven’t been able to think straight. I’m still not right but better and I will get better over the next few weeks.

I have lots of plans for December, next weekend is my Husbands birthday, the weekend after is my Aunts birthday, then we have Christmas and then my nephews birthday. Between Christmas and New Year i’m going to visit my cousin and other family and then it will be January and 2018 and the year will start all over again.

But, January means Garden planning, and I can not wait for that!


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