Garden Makeover

I’ve had a good couple of weeks of gardening. Trying to turn what was a field into something.

It’s all coming along nicely, the fence is up and the large area of grass is starting to look like a lawn, there is even a flower bed! I think my favourite part however is the burn. When we first moved here it didn’t really run, rather slopped as it was full of grass and mud, we’ve cleared it out and it now runs swiftly south.

It sits along the east side of the garden and for the most part is open but one area runs under a group of trees and an old stone dyke and is just magical.

There is  an opening to the area from our driveway and a decent sized space under the trees. You can hear the burn burbling along, the birds in the Yew tree and it’s fairly well protected from the wind. It’s just so peaceful in there, most of my garden is peaceful living in the countryside with only the farm next door, but this place is just extra peaceful.

I love nature and the outdoors and I love meditating, it helps with my anxiety, stress and depression so I’m going to turn this little area into my own personal retreat, for those moments when I want to be really alone. Even at night, and I’m scared of the dark, I can stand under the Ash tree branches and just breath.


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