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The art of homemade

The art of homemade

This year I am making several Christmas presents for people. I love making things but I never seem to make the time, making things for others gives me the excuse to make time. The image on this post is my craft desk, it’s the first room you come to in our house and contains the dog crate and my gym equipment so it always looks a little cramped, but I love it.

I have spent hours in this room listening to audio books and creating items. Obviously I can’t say what I’ve made for Christmas as my mum reads this blog, but I can say what I’ve made generally. Dreamcatchers are something I really love making, the motion of wrapping wire in thread/wool is very relaxing and as you need to wrap the wire pretty tightly it can take a good while to complete. As you’re wrapping and then looping you can add beads or other items into the dreamcatcher, then you add your tassels and feathers, beads, sequins etc and that’s that. You can make different sizes, colours, designs, anything you like and they’re really pretty.

I’ve also been working on a project for my mum which involves a lot of paper and card, gems, threads and double sided sticky tape (now she’s gonna be really confused). I absolutely love it and she will too, I showed my sister last night and she was like “what the flip am I going to give her, she’s gonna love it” was that too much teasing mum? Oh well just think of it as pay back for all the years of teasing me.

I love homemade things, my mum has always made things and she always makes me something at Christmas time. My mum and I love all sorts of crafts but mum is great at knitting and sewing, I can’t knit to save myself, mum tried to teach me but I could never get it and would always end up with a very weird holey scarf of sorts.

I’m going to try making some soap this week, I’ve bought some melt and pour soap base to play with and I have essential oils coming out of my ears as I use them in my oil burner all the time, so we’ll see what I can create with them. If they’re any good I will experiment with other types of soap, there are some great websites out there for supplies and information and YouTube is full of videos for simple recipes.

Lets face it YouTube is full of everything, you need to know how to do something, YouTube, you want to watch other people’s lives, YouTube, I literally love YouTube and can get lost down the YouTube rabbit hole for hours on end, usually when crafting or first thing in the morning.

Up-cycling, or when I was a kid recycling  is something else I really enjoy. My craft desk was an old table which I covered in self adhesive Vinyl, total cost £13, way cheaper than buying a new desk. All of my spare room furniture came from charity shops and I painted it so it looked as though it matched. You can make whatever you want and it will only cost you the materials, yes somethings can be more expensive but others not so much and you have the added benefit of it being something that you really want and something which has a little piece of you in it.


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