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Autumn Baby

Autumn Baby

Ah Autumn. Possibly my favourite season…. eeerrr who am I kidding, I pretty much love all of them for different reasons. There is however, something about Autumn that is a little more special, even magical.

Changing colours, temperature, birds, fruits, insects, pretty much everything changes at this time of year. When I woke up this morning it was 5 degrees C and I couldn’t see out of my kitchen window for the fog, beautiful. I sat on my back doorstep having a fag whilst letting the dogs out and just watched the moisture move around, caught by a couple of thin spider threads on the railings and thought ‘I can’t wait for it to freeze’.

I love frost. I love early mornings when everything is still and covered in tiny crystals, it’s so calm. I love sitting in the house with a fire and a good Netflix series or a book. Landscaping the garden in the cold is so much easier than in the warm, and boy do I have some landscaping to do.

My dad leveled our new garden a few weeks ago, it was previously a field and still looked like one. It’s now as flat as it will ever be and I can start working on it. My husband doesn’t do gardening, he mows the lawn and builds the fences but the actual gardening is down to me. The garden is pretty big, runs around the cottage with much more on one side and a driveway to the front. We also have a burn along one side, which once it’s finished, well if I can make it look like it does in my head, will be glorious.

I brought a lot of my plants from the old garden, my mum helped me dig them up and pot or bag them up for moving and some have already been re-planted, the rest will need to wait for a while yet but they seem to have survived the move. I also bought a few extras, the fruit trees from the old garden were too big to move so I got a bargain online 5 for £17! They will create an orchard in one area. There are a couple of trees in the garden at the moment, some Ash, a Yew and a cypress, the fruit trees will add flowers and attract insects.

I don’t know what I will do with regard to flowers yet. I’ve started a small rockery by the drive, mainly because it was already there and just needed to be uncovered, it was covered in a layer of grass and weeds and I’ve planted my day lilys in front of the stone wall along the drive. The garden will tell me where to plant things as I get to know it and the plants themselves will tell me if their happy where I’ve put them or not.

So here’s to Autumn and everything it has to offer and all the landscaping that needs to be done.




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