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Why did I start this blog? Well why not, I have a lot of information in my head and sometimes it gets a bit crowded. I need an outlet for the crazy thoughts and ideas that I have and my bullet journal wasn’t quite enough. I’m dreadful at writing in a journal, I’d never write this in one, but, doing this feels like talking to someone even if I’m not and never am.

So, welcome. This blog will be about me and my life. It’s not really that interesting, however to me and the way I view things, it can get a little nuts! I live in a small cottage in the country with my husband and two dogs, you’ll read a lot about them, the dogs not the husband. I love gardening, baking, making things and general DIY, makeup, hair, clothes, although I’m not very good with the last 3.

We’ve just moved house and the garden is, well currently not a garden. My last garden took me 7 years to create and I don’t suppose this one will be any quicker. I don’t buy plants, at least not large ones. I grow from seed, small bought plants, cuttings and divisions. My gardens take time, and evolve as they go, just because I wanted something somewhere one year doesn’t mean it will be there next year, I’m contrary like that.

I also enjoy dog training, although from the behavior of my own mutts you’d never think that. We have a very ill behaved 9.5 year old German Shepherd, Sam and a 2 year old Samoyed cross, Holly, both lovely, both bonkers and I absolutely adore them. We got Sam as a pup and Holly at 5 months old and despite my best efforts they don’t listen to a word I say.

I think will be a sufficient intro for the moment, there is plenty of time to get to know me and my ramblings, happy reading.

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