What makes you confident? I have been thinking about this a lot today thanks to my sister. She is attending an event next week and has to give a presentation about confidence. 


Autumn Baby

Ah Autumn. Possibly my favourite season…. eeerrr who am I kidding, I pretty much love all of them for different reasons. There is however, something about Autumn that is a little more special, even magical.


Why did I start this blog? Well why not, I have a lot of information in my head and sometimes it gets a bit crowded. I need an outlet for the crazy thoughts and ideas that I have and my bullet journal wasn’t quite enough. I’m dreadful at writing in a journal, I’d never write this in one, but, doing this feels like talking to someone even if I’m not and never am.

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This blog has a dress code: yoga pants, holey shirt, no socks

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